P Premium 

01:00 : €2,50
02:00 : €5,00
03:00 : €7,50
04:00 : €10,00
05:00 : €12,00
06:00 : €14,00
07:00 : €16,00
Max. 16,50 euros per day
Up to 24 days16,50 euros per day (with a maximum of 149 euros for the first 24 days)
From the 25th day
5 euros extra per day

Subscription for Parking HOB

Business hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Per month76,54 euros
Per year841,95 euros

For every badge you pay 10 euros.
Rates are tax-inclusive.

All the rates above are merely indicative. Only the rates indicated in the car parks apply.

Payment methods

  • At the point of sale terminal ONLY (credit) cards.
  • With Indigo Neo: Indigo Neo is an application that you start when you arrive and stop when you leave. At the end of the month you’ll get an invoice of your parking expenses. Queuing at the machine or fumbling with coins are no longer needed. Furthermore Indigo Neo  works with number plate recognition. That means the barrier will open automatically for you!